£39 +VAT Understanding Your Marketplace So many businesses do little more than take a cursory look at their potential customers. In this workshop we look at all the potential players in your market place: buyers, suppliers, competitors, and all the other factors that will have a huge impact on your potential for success. This is not a marketing workshop, it is much broader than that.  Many businesses assume that all they need to do is get their marketing right, and everything else will follow.  In this workshop we will examine all the factors that affect your marketplace: what does the competition look like? what relationships do you need with your suppliers, and who are they? what external factors and trends will affect your business? and of course, how do you position yourself to reflect all these factors, and hence how do you market yourself, and what tools will work for you? For more information on dates and to book onto one of our workshops contact us now. Workshops take place in Kenilworth and Leamington Spa Book for 2 or more workshops at the same time and receive a 20% discount  
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