Who are ACT Now Team Development Ltd.? ACT Now is led by Andy Tulloch who has delivered training courses across the globe from Australia to Texas, from Norway to Indonesia, and from Grimsby to Aberdeen.  With experience leading teams across many functional areas, Andy has the experience and energy to manage the delivery of services. Andy's infectious enthusiasm for nderstanding people and how teams operate is a key part of what makes ACT Now your ideal partner for managing change of any kind. Andy participates in a range of sporting activities, and each year sets himself a new fundraising challenge  In the recent past he has run the London Marathon to raise money for Marie Curie, and climbed Kilimanjaro for the British Heart Foundation.  In 2012 he has set himself the target of completing his first Olympic distance triathlon  for MIND - please visit his sponsorship page  to support the work of this amazing charity. ACT Now Team Development's core values: Integrity, Altruism, Trust, Value, Intellect, are central to every aspect of our work: from our community team-building days and our involvement in fundraising activities for a variety of causes, right through to our commitment to provide a share of our profits on every contract with the charities and communities we support.  Working with ACT Now Team Development involves so much more than helping just you, and yet having you realise tangible value from our involvement is what we do.  It is our reason for being.
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