So what is coaching? If you haven’t experienced the value a great coach can bring the answer to this question is almost impossible to grasp. Coaching is all about personal chemistry.  An executive coach can have dozens of glowing references, but only you know when it feels right. A mentor will bring their experience into play, whereas a coach will bring your experience into play. Try it and see for yourself. No charge for the first session The first session is an exploration of your objectives and an opportunity to establish the level of rapport required. It usually lasts about 2 hrs      Non-Directive Coaching Sometimes it feels like every third person you bump into these days is a coach. Business coaches abound, lifestyle coaches, even social media coaches.  Has it just become a meaningless buzzword? Our approach to coaching is founded upon the belief expressed by Nancy Kline that the mind that contains the problem also contains the solution. Unlike mentoring or training, we therefore take an almost exclusively non-directive approach, and rely on our skills in active listening and questioning to help you find your own solutions Coaching Experience Having studied Coaching and Psychology at Warwick University we have experience coaching teams and leaders in organisations of all sizes. Contact us now to arrange your free session  
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