Personality Profiling There are countless psychometric tools for understanding behaviour, and we employ a number of them, according to your needs. When our focus is on the team we often use Belbin’s Team Roles, but for a completely versatile, reliable and thoroughly researched option there is nothing better than MBTI.  Myers-Briggs personality profiling can be used in so many areas, including: Teambuilding Leadership and Management Development Career Planning One-to-one Coaching Our Services We offer a number of different ways in which you can learn more about the benefits of understanding your personality type and those of others, be they colleagues, partners, or even prospects: In-house workshops for an office team, including a team report Open workshops as an introduction to the benefits of knowing your personality Individual profiling, with a number of possible enhanced reports, including career, decision-making and communicationstyle reports As an integral part of our teambuilding days or coaching sessions Individual Profile Offer Until 30th April all individual MBTI profiles are half price and also include a free coaching session. Book your personal review now.      In-house Workshop Offer Book an MBTI workshop for a team of 8 or more employees and receive a discount of 20% plus a free team report    
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