"Andy has a tremendous energy and aptitude for organising and executing difficult coordination tasks" "Andy's obvious expertise and enthusiasm shone through and his natural facilitation ensured everyone went away with something useful. I recommend Andy as a presenter and social advocate!" "Andy coached me to achieve outstanding performance in delivering the project which was recognized by my home office in Singapore" "The most pivotal factor in the successful executions was Andy's knowledge and experience (plus lots of charisma and patience) in running the workshops with the local Indonesian executives and suppliers.” "Andy, is a very well organised, effective and intellectual individual and communicates excellently at all levels. He has the ability to facilitate complete appreciation of any issue by all involved and encourages complete understanding" "Andy's creativity and fun approach added to the unmitigated success of this high level meeting" "Andy is an accomplished teacher. He has great drive and determination and ensures the whole teamwork ethos is encouraged and developed and actively leads by example. He is a good strategist and tactician and greatly contributes in everything in which he is involved. I learnt many things during my time working with Andy and feel he enhanced my development" "Andy always brought bundles of energy and enthusiasm to the task, as well as coming up with new and creative ideas appropriate to each situation. He had a particular talent for developing unique team-building exercises successfully targeted at dealing specifically with highlighted issues" "Andy has  a clear and practical vision of how things should be, and is tireless at achieving those goals with a keen business sense. He's an excellent negotiator, yet practical and demonstrated the highest ethical standards in all dealings. As a bonus - he's always quick-witted…which adds great relief on those stressful days. I learned a great deal from him and continue to be grateful for the experience."
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